Herbalife Nutrition South Africa has announced an exciting addition to its targeted nutrition range of products, Pro-Core.  

Pro-Core is a water mixable drink powder, formulated with a unique complex of ingredients especially designed for everyday support. Its key active ingredient is Epicorâ, a yeast-based fermentate.

The delicious blackcurrant flavoured drink mix is provided in individual servings (each serving is a 3.7 g stick pack) and can be taken once a day with 150 ml warm or cold water, or added to your favourite Formula 1 Shake. Pro-Core provides four essential vitamins and minerals and is particularly high in vitamin D, vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc(>30 % NRV).

“Herbalife Nutrition’s Pro-Core, with its key properties that support the body’s nutritional needs, makes it a perfect addition to our family of nutrition products,” says Thilo Naidoo Herbalife Nutrition Country Director, Southern Africa.

The essential vitamins and minerals in Pro-Core (vitamin D, vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc) all play an important role in vital everyday body functions.
“At Herbalife Nutrition we believe that eating a varied and balanced diet, coupled with a healthy active lifestyle is key to living well. Pro-Core, when consumed correctly, can play a useful role in that lifestyle choice,” Naidoo added.

Pro-Core will be available from 23 July 2018, exclusively through Herbalife Nutrition’s network of Independent Members (distributors). For more information on how to purchase products go to


Herbalife Nutrition’s Pro-Core comes in boxes of 10 x 3.7 g stick packs.



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