The A-Z of Winter Health:


The A-Z of Winter Health:

The A-Z of Winter Health:

Avoid the Winter Weight Gain Trap

If the cold weather makes you crave comfort food, rest assured you are not alone.

While researchers are divided over just how much weight people put on in the winter months, a number of studies have found people put on a small amount but then fail to shift the weight in summer, so it accumulates year after year. A consistent approach to your healthy active lifestyle is the key.


A)    Antioxidants: Red wine, colourful fruit and veggies are all rich in antioxidants and support a strong immune system, say researchers. Antioxidants may prove beneficial in the treatment of flu. Supplement with Roseguard; it provides antioxidant support throughout the day.


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D) Drink Up: If you’re feeling under the weather, a hot drink of Instant Herbal Beverage can provide immediate relief from symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat and tiredness.

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F) Friendship: Social isolation or loneliness may weaken immunity, a study from the Carnegie Mellon University found. Spending time with your friends, or meeting new people with common interests, encourages socialisation which may reduce your risk of feeling rundown.

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B) B Complex: The B group of vitamins help to enhance the immune system, so include bananas, potatoes and tuna to help fight off infection. Taken daily, the Multivitamin Complex supplies the body with 100% of the RDI for Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, D and E, folic acid, biotin, iodine, chromium, zinc, molybdenum as well as several antioxidants for overall good health.

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C) Chicken Soup: A US study has put this remedy to the test and found it may help relieve cold and flu symptoms as it acts as an anti-inflammatory and may relieve congestion.

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E) Exercise: Prevent feeling rundown with exercise as it keeps your immune system, as well as your body, in top shape. Supplement with LiftOff; the B vitamins in Lift Off help to combat the effects of stress on the body and improve immunity & the Guarana provides fast acting energy which is slow-released for sustained energy.

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G) Green tea: Ward off nasty lurgies by brewing a cup of green tea. A daily intake of Instant Herbal Beverage hits the spot! This delicious green tea blend includes orange pekoe, cardamom seed, hibiscus and natural sources of caffeine for an uplifting taste. Studies have found that catechin, a type of antioxidant, is contained in green tea and this is effective in preventing the flu and is beneficial to your wellbeing.

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I) Immunisation: You may not like needles, but having a flu shot is the best way to avoid getting the flu, says the South Australian Department of Health. Evidence shows the flu vaccine gives up to 90 per cent of protection in healthy people. Supplement with Roseguard for an added boost to your immune system.

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The A-Z of Winter Health:

J) Jumper: Rug up before heading out in the cold! The lowering of your core temperature suppresses immunity, which may indirectly lead to illness.

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